Mission and Goals

Minimally Invasive Specialty Center for Animals

Mission and Goals

Five key values form the essence of MISCA. These values guide not only our clinical decisions and practices; they guide how we choose our staff and professional associations, and how we care for each other, our clients and our patients.


It is our collaborative approach to all areas of practice that makes us better than the sum of our parts. Through collaboration with each other in the operating room, with our technical staff, with our clients, and with other veterinarians and specialists, we elevate our medicine and improve our patients’ outcomes.


We embrace innovative technology and combine it with our years of practice experience to provide a range of diagnostic and treatment options. We always strive to offer the least invasive method for the diagnosis and treatment of small animal medical problems.


Our commitment to transparency ensures honesty and integrity in our communications with clients and referring veterinarians. We thoroughly inform clients of all factors affecting treatment decisions, and we maintain transparency throughout the pet’s hospitalization.


Our specialized approach to veterinary care goes far beyond the minimally invasive specialty niche of our veterinarians. Every one of our staff members is highly specialized in his/her role in our team-based approach to your pet’s care at MISCA.


A commitment to excellence is infused into every part of MISCA, from our state-of-the-art facility to the care and expertise of every staff member. We always recommend the best solution, and we always treat your pet as we would our own.