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Minimally Invasive Specialty Center for Animals


Minimally Invasive Specialty Center for Animals

Dr. Jason Reeder and Dr. Gretchen Kuchenmeister welcome you to MISCA, Portland’s new referral based Minimally Invasive Specialty Center for Animals. We offer a personalized, collaborative, and comprehensive approach to medicine, with an emphasis on employing the least invasive methods available for diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline patients. At MISCA, collaboration is more than a partnership between internist and surgeon; we engage the pet owner, the referring and consulting veterinarians, and all members of our client and patient care teams in the clinical process. We continually focus on the question: How can we work together and employ innovative technology to accomplish a more successful result with less morbidity for the patient? Through careful pre-procedural planning, highly coordinated teamwork and the use of interventional endoscopy and fluoroscopy, we aim to achieve both diagnosis and corrective therapy in a single procedure whenever possible and medically prudent. This integrated approach minimizes perioperative hospitalization, prevents patient pain, and decreases overall cost to the client. All of our interventional procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art specialty center on an outpatient basis or with minimal hospitalization.

Our Specialists

Jason Reeder, DVM, DACVIM

Dr. Reeder received his DVM from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine then completed a rotating internship at the University of Minnesota. He completed his Internal Medicine residency at North Carolina State University and became board certified with the ACVIM in small animal internal medicine in 2010.

Dr. Jason Reeder and Dr. Gretchen Kuchenmeister

Gretchen Kuchenmeister, DVM

Dr. Kuchenmeister earned her DVM at the University of Wisconsin then completed a rotating internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. She returned to the University of Wisconsin for a Surgical Fellowship followed by a three year Residency in small animal surgery.

Our Collaborative Method

  • We hold daily rounds on our cases as one whole team, including the specialty veterinarians, the specialty clinical staff, the referral coordinators and our practice and office managers.
  • No physical walls divide the Internal Medicine and Surgery workspaces, and no procedural barriers divide the services they provide.
  • Our interventional endoscopy and interventional radiology procedures bring the whole clinical team together in the operating room.
  • In pre-op “chalk talks,”  we plan all aspects of the procedure, tailor anesthesia and recovery to specific patient needs, identify special equipment needs, and choreograph our intraoperative movements.
  • We communicate both inside the MISCA team and with all clients and referring veterinarians with transparency, respect and compassion.

Our Hospital