Meet Our Staff


Ryan grew up in England and read James Herriot as a youngster, which made his journey into veterinary medicine an inevitability. He did detour briefly into a Counseling degree (and is now qualified to say “Hmm”), and spent a couple years in real estate, but he switched gears to pursue his real passion of animal medicine in 2017. He soon found his place in Internal Medicine, where he has learned the highs and lows of complex diseases, a fondness for grouchy cats, and the surprising number of places you can put an endoscope. He loves the challenges of this work, the endless opportunities for learning, and still feels privileged to witness the incredible bond between pets and owners. He lives with his wife, Roxanne, their three cats, Milo, Chai Tea, and Maple Leaf, and their stubborn corgi, Quinn. When not working, he likes to cook, play D&D, write ninja fiction with a group of friends, and attempt variably successful DIY projects.